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Dog's with an injured leg

Trust our surgical staff and team

Why take your pet somewhere where they aren't comfortable for major surgery? Knollwood Animal Hospital has the care and equipment you can trust to perform all surgical needs in our office. We assure you that your pet will always be comfortable.

  • Spay

  • Neuter

  • Outpatient surgeries

Today, many pet owners don't know the responsibility it takes to make sure the pet population stays low. Avoid unwanted litters with our spaying and neutering surgeries.

Don't put off your pet's surgical needs!

When your pet needs surgery, don't worry about finding another veterinarian. Knollwood Animal Hospital can do it all in our office!

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Trust us for the best surgical care around

With a range of surgical services performed in our office, Knollwood Animal Hospital has over 26 years of experienced surgeons. Our team makes sure your pet always feels comfortable with us. It's important to ensure they are welcomed in a friendly manner. We help your pet reduce stress and strain while still promoting the best healing and surgical care! Our quality care is perfect for easing your mind.

Get professional and attentive surgical care

Control the pet population with our help

We have extended hours to fit your busy schedule.