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Brushing dog's teeth

When your pet has a dental or oral disease, it can affect other parts of the body as well. Avoid serious health problems in your pet's heart or kidneys. Don't leave your pet's oral health or dental care unchecked.

From gum disease to tooth loss, Knollwood Animal Hospital provides the best dental care in the area for all pets. We make sure your pet is never hurting because of a dental issue. Avoid tooth loss and decay with annual checkups.

Bad breath can be a result of something deeper. We'll take a look at what is going on with your pets teeth. From dental chews to regular brushings, we can help you cut down on the halitosis and provide dental care.

Ensure your pets smile stays bright!

Don't just worry about your own smile. Your pet's teeth need attention as well. Our local veterinarians can give your pet the right dental care.

Dental check-up Oral check-up Dog

Don't let your pet's teeth go without proper care

With over 26 years of experience, our veterinarians have seen a fair share of oral disease. It is one of the most frequent problems we diagnose. Our team will perform the best dental and oral care for your dog or cat. Bring your pet in for a regular physical examination and we'll do the oral assessment right then. Work with us to discuss the oral and dental care your pet needs.

Let us check your pet for oral issues

Does your pet suffer from bad breath?

Prevent oral disease repercussions

All our dental treatments are on a case by case basis.